Space 1889

George's Scrawlings. Entry 2 - Into the Fort

There's many a good fiddle played on an old dune!

At the end of me last entry, we had just climbed the rope into the Fort, or three of us at least…

Once they was over I whistled the fella. He turned round all slow, like a bloody lushington. When he turned I finally got a good look at him. Not a good sight. He’s built like that ape-man Mary keeps about for the really nasty nobbling. There was something wrong with him too. His face was marked with red blotches, and his eyes were all red like. Not like a sunday morning, but like when the provost smacked buggy jones in the face with his cosh that time – full of blood it seemed. Anyways soon as he turns he hisses “Die scum!”, so I shot him. Didn’t seem to bother him overly and he came at me with his bayonet. I just avoided being stuck, but christ he was strong, and it was all I could do to keep me feet. We scuffled, I got the barrel under his chin, and THAT bothered the mangey fucker a LOT more.

So his mates start paying us some attention now. The two in the courtyard started coming up the stairs to our left, while to our right another came outta the tower door. Was about then I started wondering why they all looked like they could be in a strongman act. The rozzer he darted past me to block them coming up the stairs, teddy opens up on the guy to our right. Me, I started sighting on the apes coming down from the far wall, blowing the knee out of the first one. I caughth sight of the jack throwin a right that’d made Jimmy Carroll green to his toes. The first frenchie catches it right under the jaw and goes over the side. I got back to focusin on my marks. Cut to the chase, soon enough the frogs are all down and out.

Now while all this was going on, his Lordship is sat on his horse, banging on the front gate and shouting to be let in. Maybe he just thought he cut a more dashing pose on horseback, and bugger the soon to be descending horde of wogs ? Quality, who knows what goes through their heads (if anything).

So me and the jack lurked over to the corner of the fort wall and had a peek see, whilst Teddy headed off to the tower (for a purpose that wasn’t clear to me till later). We looked over an saw his Lordship had decided to charge most of the abdabs outside single handed. Looking down at the crazy bugger, It was all I could to to keep the smile from my face. You’d think, with what ever fancy education his Lordship musta had, he’d have heard of Balaclava wouldn’t ya ? Perhaps he’s a relation to Cardigan. Or maybe that was the point. Not like I’ve any place to talk. Anyway, me and the rozzer opened up on the wogs, while them and his Lordship started playing tig. Wether it was bein’ picked off from the wall distractin’ em or Allah smilin’ down on an act of crazyness we’ll never know, but between us we thinned ’em right down and his Lordship took neery a scratch.

Then all of a sudden I got reminded of Teddy being over by the tower. He’d gone up the top, and made the sweetest sound I’d heard all week. Seems there was a cannon up there and he’d turned it on the clump of wogs that was sitting by the outcrop wawtchin’ his Lordship. The shot blew two of ‘em, and their nags, into chunks. So the others decided maybe today ain’t the best for spectating after all, and buggered off sharpish. We dealt with the last couple of stragglers, then I went to the gate to let his Lordship in.

We started having a nose around the fort and the first place we looked in was the barracks I reckon. Inside was all bare, except for this baracade made of furniture and stuff on one side of the room. We fanned out and started walking in on it, when up pops this fella, blazing away. We filled him fullof lead, but not before he’d put a bullet right through the rozzer’s shoulder. Turn out this was the fort’s sargeant. After a quick search we found his journal, from which I’ve copied bits to the back of this book. The rozzer was in a pretty bad way, and non of us trained medics, so we did what we could, and left him in the barracks. Teddy sat gaurd on the door, while me and his Lordship carried on about the fort.

Next up we went to the stables, having heard some horses. I almost got my head stoved in when two of the stupid things come bolting out. What can you do with an animal that’s stupid enough to drink itself to death ? I must be mellowing. We took a quick look, noticed some camels in there too, then just as we started to turn away, his Lordship pushed me to one side. I felt a hot waft go over me head, and saw a bugger hiding in the hay, gun on us. I shot him. I’ve never been good at talkin’ and wouldn’t know how to say it to a toff anyway, but I’ll not forget it.

Lastly, me and Lord Forrester heads to the house. Peering through the window into the gloom, I saw a fella staggering about in there. I heard him muttering crazy jabber to himself and thinking of the way the rest of em were, I just shot at him through the window. Maybe bein’ knocked down twice in short order had left me a bit more shook up than I thought cos I missed. He came barreling outta the house straight into the pair of us, sword in one hand, pistol in the other. Seems this was the fort’s captain. Now I’ve seen a few folks go two-fisted into a fight on occassion, even done it myself once or twice, but mostly it’s best used in scaring the life out of who ever your charging down. This fella mind you seemed proper comfortable with it, as he comenced out fencing his Lordship with one hand, whilst firing off some pretty damned accurate pistol fire at Teddy while he’s at it; and while he’s blotchy and all bulked up he didn’t seem half as gulpy or slow as the others either. He fair made a mess. I got out of it the best with just a nick to the wrist when I ducked back out of his way. He put a bullet through Teddy and almost skewered his Lordship. Tough bastard too, took a slug from Lizzy and kept on going before he met his maker in the end.

Suffice to say, at the time of writing (as they say in the press), I think I’m the only one whose capable of gettin’ a good nights sleep.

Further searching turned up the Captain’s Diary (which I’ve also copied parts of into here), and the reason he wasn’t quite as buggered as the rest of them – he’d been saving seperate water for himself.

So it seems we’ve been beaten to the scroll by some buxom french wench and her husband. The fragment of scroll case that was left looks like it may be Martian in origin ? Reminds me of mad pete banging on about hieroglyph’s in eygpt coming from mars and all that crazy jabber about aztecs and eygptians being descended from Martians, makes you think sometimes. Then again I also remember him telling me that the Prince Consort was a vampire and he’d set secret police on Pete’s trail because he knew the truth. Still, joking aside, a lot of unanswered questions.



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