Space 1889

George's Scrawlings. Entry 3 - Digger's Doom.

Do I look like a mole to you ?

So we find ourselves back in blighty. The Professor was a little crest fallen when we didn’t bring back the scroll, but he took it well bless his whiskers. He was a bit flumoxed when he heard about the frog couple, and them hoisting it though. Says he’ll look in to it.

A while later, we all gets the call and goes to see the Professor, who says there’s this inventor fella, Hollis Greenville, done made this contraption and is looking to sell it – to the highest bidder, seems like. Could we please go check it out, see if it’s up to scratch, so the Prof can buy it up for Queen and Country, before the krauts or somebody else does.

So off across the country we goes to the Greenville estate. What a bleeding joke, a draughtier, more run down pile you’d be hard pressed to find. Greenville meets us and offers to take our bags as “the staff” have the night off he says. Yeah, and did I mention Lord Kitchener was my uncle Mr. Greenville ? I took an instant dislike to the weasely little bastard. All airs and graces that he can’t pull off. Seen his like before, big ideas of their own worth and where their “rightful station” is, but no push to pull it off and not even a pot to piss in.

So after enduring what Greenville passes off as hospitality we heads out to the barn to get a first sight of the contraption, sorry, the “Greenville Heavy Bore Drill” if you please. No sooner than we gets there, this bog trotter starts gobbing off, from away in the night, about how Greenville was going to get his for welching on their deal and such like. Next thing ya know, this mick bastard comes haring towards us outta the black on a coach, horses at full gallop. A couple of us spot the rather worrying sign of sparking fuses, and we commence opening fire. A whispered prayer or two and some good shooting save us from meeting our makers when the whole thing explodes in a god awful din.

Once the dust settles and people come to realising they ain’t shuffled off this coil just yet, Greenville gets all angsty and impatient. He insists we test drive his contraption post haste. Oh and what a contraption it is. After the shock of some subsequent events I can’t really remember the high faluting name he gave it but it’s sorta a thing to dig down into the ground and travel along down there like a mole !

Digger s doom2

Can’t say I was overjoyed at the prospect but damned if I’d balk in front of that weasel. So we packs in the gear and off we go. Huge amounts of noise and calamity, then shudders, as the thing begins to bite into the ground.

Dunno exactly what happened but there was some sort of malfunction (?) and the thing begins to go deeper and deeper… a lot more than intended….. then falling, getting thrown about, and all sorts.

Awake again, alive, it’s oh so quiet and in the silence I begin to hear… water ? It sounds like lapping waves ?



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