Space 1889

George's Scrawlings. Entry 4 - Lizards and colonial ambitions

Harryhausen Tribute

So we freed the hatch, and looked out onto a sea, the water with a weird greenish glow. The “sky” was also aglow too, with a weird orange light. We slowly drifted to an island with white sandy beaches for a shore, and an interior that looked like the tropical house of some botanic gardens. The air was strange too, fresh like, sort of woke you up when you get a good lung full.

So we starts trekking through the jungle to see what’s about. I wasn’t thrilled by the short visibility but there was nothing to be done about it, bar climbing the odd tree to get our bearings, so to speak. We goes past one set of really thick tree trunks that… suddenly started to move.. the biggest bloody lizard in the world, made an elephant look like a wee church mouse. We also saw some big flying lizard/bird things. Ugly, mean looking buggers. The weasley little shit mentioned something about prehistoric creatures, but what would I know ?

We were going along discussing the beasties whilst keeping an eye on them too, when…. Whoosh! A couple of us get swept upwards in nets that’d been trapping the jungle floor. Next thing we knew all these native types are out of the undergrowth and coming at us. They were a weird looking bunch of wogs, sort of reminded me of arabs with their skin colour, but the way they dressed looked a bit like them picture things you see from ancient Egypt.. split kilt/skirt things and the like. We tries to cut down those of us caught up in the nets and a little bit of a scuffle breaks out between us and the wogs. We gets to a bit of a stand still when we hears this bloody great crashing noise and it starts getting closer and closer, them huge lizard things are stampeding straight past us. The wogs get all excited, like wogs do, and start trying to pantomime something to us. Then another type of sodding big lizard crashes in on the scene. This ones sort of upright walking on two big legs, feeble looking arms but all muzzle. “Grandma what big teeth you have!”. No mutual language is needed to explain the obvious, and we just join forces with the wogs in a fight for our lives. They were brave buggers I have to say, tackling something like that with pointy sticks. We joined in with rifle fire and the like. The beast was not only massive, but damned tough, and it managed to take a couple of decent hits from Lizzy, a couple of other rifle shots and assorted spears whilst it tore apart several of the wogs. The last crack of Lord Henry’s lever action proved to be the final nail in it’s coffin, and the thing keeled over with an almighty crash. Our new found allies went wild with triumph. The fellow that seemed to be leading the party introduced himself as Gunbada through a pit of pidgin and pantomime. They took a bunch of teeth as trophies, and next thing you know we’re being led off towards their village, everyone smiling and clapping mutual backs.

When we got there we were introduced to the village chief or leader, and between a mix of hostile and/or curious stares, Gunbada explained to the boss and the rest of the village how we helped them kill the big bad lizard and shows ‘em all the fearsome teeth. The whole place was over joyed, and next thing you know we are best guests at one hell of a shindig celebration. Same as most Englishmen, I’ve been brought up being taught that the stiff upper lip example of my betters is the right example and I guess that’s mostly struck true, but I can’t help but enjoying it when I see wogs frolicking and giving vent to their feelings with such joy. I got a bit rat arsed on the local grog and was in high spirits. Gunbada introduced us to his lady, Misimana. She was a fetching figure of a woman, and both of their joy at her heavy belly was plain to see, even drunk as I was. Suffice to say a good time was had by all.




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