Space 1889

Lord Henry Forrester Report one

May 24 1889
I have met with a group of individuals at the explorers society.
George Cooper a common man with some talent in tracking and fire arms.
Theodore Montgomery an NCO in her majesty’s Royal Navy has some ability with ships both sea and flying.
Johnney U. Fargo a policeman of sorts with investigation and detection abilities.
Shamus a gentleman from the cartographers society.
We have been gathered together by Professor Albert Bottom of the explorers society to venture forth and explore, we have been asked to retrieve a stolen item so will be gathering our possessions and heading to a ship bound for Egypt where we shall travel to a fort Oublie just inside Libya.
I have high hopes for success as this appears to be nothing more than a simple pick up as we have been informed that the stolen object is in the fort.

May 26 1889
We have just embarked on the RMS Herald a stout looking ship and Theodore looks please with it,
Captain Childes has been most gracious and offered me a very spacious cabin with a fine view from the port side and has offered me the honour of dinning with him, it looks to be a fine voyage.

June 2 1889
We have arrived at Cairo the journey has been pleasant and I can recommend the Herald to anyone wishing to travel by sea, I haven’t seen much of my colleagues I suppose they have been busy. Cairo is busy but I did get chance to catch up with old Davie Charmers he seems to be doing very well for himself, we shall be here for a few day’s while supply’s and transport is procured.

June 1889
Have finally started our journey to Libya and the fort everyone is in high spirits we should have no real trouble the embassy has given assurances that the native look to be being quiet.

June 13 1889
Friday the 13th poor Shamus is a very superstitious man thinks the day is cursed looks like a fine day as today we will reach the fort.
12:15 we have suddenly come under fire from some native Bedouin’s our animals have been killed and so has poor Shamus maybe there was something to his uneasy feeling this morning
12:29 we have seen off all the tribesmen and I personally put there leader to the sword that should teach the beggar also managed to take a his rather fine horse it could do with some training.
12:33 just popped over to the ridge to see if there where more horses for my fellow companions and have seen another 15 of the beggars on horse coming straight at us have galloped back to warn everyone.
12:40 my companions have scaled the wall of the fort to gain access I have gone to the front of the fort to enter through the gates and these are locked damn the garrison to hell if they are not dead they could at least answer I shall have to ride away a little and prepare to fight I can only imagine there are more tribesmen inside the fort as there have been several gun shots.
12:58 I have managed to charge and hold off 10 riders with some help from my companions the devils couldn’t stop the British cavalry and all good fun too, the fort has been stricken by some illness we shall investigate further.
13:16 After hearing a noise from the barracks my companions and myself investigated poor Johnny got quite badly shot by a crazed Sargent Drummond we had to put him out of his misery poor man but his journal shows that that this all started after Lieutenant Dubois returned after a patrol and a French couple visited that evening the French couple the lieutenant and a quarter of the garrison deserted after which the fort was besieged by tribesman, the men begun to come down with an illness and the captain short of men ordered the dead placed on the walls to look like there where more here the diary then ends.
13:37 we have been attacked again in the stables by another deranged man they all seem very large of build maybe something in the food or very selective recruitment the dead and deranged do have very odd skin markings and boils we must find the garrison commander and see if he still lives.
14:48 The garrison commander Captain Winters has been found the man was quite mad and we have had to kill him he has managed to wound myself and Theodore but one extra scar to show the lady’s wont hurt, Captain Winters diary confirms the Sargent words and shows the the lieutenant and the French couple attacked the captain and took the scroll case a small fragment was found and we believe it may be Egyptian or possibly Martian in origin, the captain also suspects the well of being poisoned, and I must write to Capitan Winters wife and offer my condolences, with nothing else left to do I guess we shall make our way back to london..



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