George Cooper

A lean, scruffy individual dressed in a dust covered hodgepodge of clothing styles and other apparel.



At about 6’, George’s height is further accented by his lean build, and the fact he can generally be found in long, flowing garments of one sort or another. Dark grey eyes sit above a long straight nose, and regard the world in a neutral, almost passive gaze. Nonetheless they seem to miss little of their surroundings. George’s face is heavily tanned for a Caucasian. Unfashionably long hair, greying at the temples, falls past his shoulders. A thick mustache ussually blends in to the week or so of unkempt growth on his cheeks.

Except in the most formal of surroundings 1 George can be found in a rather hodge podge collection of garments and apparel.

Currently he is wearing a set of almost knee high, soft soled,fringed moccassin boots, trousers that are more patches than original material (possibly they were once army issue), a cotton undershirt and topping it all off, a covering of loose flowing robes that look arabic in fashion. Across his chest he wears a bandolier with loops for both large rifle rounds and shotgun cartridges, clipped to which are a couple of magazine pouches. Around his waist is a gun belt, after the american fashion, from which hang two pistol holsters and a curved knife in a scabbard. Observant viewers, or those inclined to look for such things, may notice a polished horn knife hilt protuding from the top of his right boot. On occassion glimpses can be seen of the several pendants or amulets he wears on thin leather thongs around his neck.

In fact all things considered, George could be the very image of a bandit stepped straight from the pages of a penny dreadful and brought to life.

( n.b. The picture above is of George in one of the few times during his life he was formally dressed, and can be found on one side of a cheap silver locket he wears on a thong around his neck.)

1 Not a place George would put himself in by his own choice – his favoured haunts being low dives in backwater corners of the world(s).


George Cooper

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