Johnny Uriah Fargo

Square-jawed, crisp and clean big damned hero. For Queen and Country!




Was brought up by his Uncle Joseph Fargo, spending most of his youth with cousins Bessie and Glenys at their father’s mansion. Spent most of his youth playing in the gardens patrolling the hedge maze and the old wood to protect his dear Uncle and Cousins.

Signed up to do his duty for God, Queen and Country and was soon-after found to be somewhat adept at remembering rules and regulations (after being shot for his efforts in attempting to detain a rogue member of his unit that was guilty of an infraction under Section 12 subsection 3b). Upon recovery he got a transfer to Military Police, did some traveling around the Empire and beyond (wherever they asked him to go). Spent some considerable time in China (after being stabbed 3 times and almost killed whilst trying to protect a small Shaolin temple from thieves). Learned martial arts from Sifu Leung as part of his recovery, before making his return trip (during which made a stop in Pakistan). Finally returning to find he was being transferred over to the Explorer’s Society.

Once killed 8 men in Pakistan whilst defending missionaries from attack in Peshawar. Was stabbed 4 times during the confrontation and was once again nursed back to health by those he’d helped.

Johnny is quite familiar with the sensation of being beaten, shot, stabbed etc and has a firm belief that if you stand with people to do the right thing, there’s always someone to pick you back up should you fall. He’s just waiting for a chance to be the one doing the picking up for once…

Johnny Uriah Fargo

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