Lord Henry Forrester

A young man in his late twenties comes from money and first son of the Earl of Bracken dresses mostly in his 10th hussars uniform which carries a rank of major


Henry is dark haired dark eyed and has a very small well trimed mustache his clothing is fine quaility and he is very proud of his uniform, he wheres a fine sword Ornate cavalry sabre… , his manners are mostly in good taste and he tries to hold him self in good order but he does like to drink, gamble and womaise with little regard for the future, but when it comes to the crunch henry can pull it together and makes a fine diplomat and socialite, this said he is more than capable with a blade or pistol if it comes to a fight and can even box a little, he much prefers the socal element of high society but as an officer in queen victoria’s armed forces and an exploring officer he is just as capable away from the glitz and glamour.


Henry has led a very privilaged life private tutor and nanny, then on to Eton then moving to cambridge where he recieved his Stag pocket watch from his group of 5 friend on leaving. Using his family and school contacts he then buys a commission in the 10th hussars rising through the ranks to now holding the rank of major and has been given temporary attachment to the foriegn office ( how temporary this is, is unknown he thinks his father may have pulled some strings to get him away from his unit and the fighting).
This takes him away from his sweetheart Sarah Fitzgerald but gives him more time to wander

Lord Henry Forrester

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