Theodore Montgomery


Name = Theodore Montgomery.
Age = 40 years old.
Rank = Petty officer.

A stocky man standing 5’ 8" with a large bushy bearded, almost always in his naval uniform Theodore is more at home walking the deck of his ship and going over his inventory list of passengers, crew listing and cargo.


Theodor had enlisted into the royal navy as a seaman with his brother Andrew, together they served on board the same ship, rising hostilities between Great Briton and the pirates intensified and lead to skirmishes and all out confrontation, the brothers managed to stay together as they were posted from ship to ship and quickly rose through the ranks, sadly on a cold foggy November morning the pirates launched an attack and the HMS Indefatigable severally damaged and on fire the ship listed and sank, Theodor had distinguished him self during the battle and had taken charge of evacuating the crew and later searching for survivors in the cold waters, he found his brother who had suffered severe injuries to both legs, later Andrew would lose his legs and be unable to continue serving in her majesty’s Navy. Theodor was decorated and promoted to petty officer and reassigned to India to help protect British interests there.

Theodore Montgomery

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