Diary of Captain Winter

Leatherbound journal with almost emotionless entries stated in ink.


May 20th

Lieutenant Dubois arrived back from patrol.
He has aquired a scroll case which he states was found in the camel pack of a dead bandit near the Egyptian border.
Have pressed him on this issue, but he is not forthcoming with any more information.
The scroll case is now in my possession for safe keeping. Nothing seems overly important about it, very plain, but ornately carved with glyphs.

May 27th

French couple naming themselves Monsieur and Madame Bourgeois have arrived at the Fort.
They say they are Cartographers, but I have my suspicions. No equipment or hired help and just the horses they arrived on makes me doubt their story.

May 28th

Under siege from local bandits.
Dubois, the Bourgeois and a quarter of the men have deserted. Damn them to hell.
At dinner the previous night the Bourgeois couple asked to see the scroll case after Dubois brought it up in conversation.
I saw no reason not to display it to them, even through my doubts to their being here.
Strike me for stupidity though if the bastard Monsieur did not open the seal and spill the contents of red sand and scroll over the table.
Asking for the case I was struck around the head sending me to the floor.

May 29th

Siege continues.
Have no means to send out messenger or break the Bandits forcing them to leave.
What remaining men I have under my command have now fallen ill with a disease rendering them near useless and unable to man the cannon.

June 1st

Ordered Drummond to tell the men to place the dead bodies of the diseased riflemen onto the wall.
By God we can not let this Fort fall, the bodies may be ruse enough to have the bandits think our number not depleted.

June 3rd

The men have taken so badly that they stumble around as if drunken. If we were not in such a predicament I would have them flogged for dereliction of duty.
A single bandit had scaled the wall, I had to halt my shave after spying him from the window. A number of riflemen attempted to assault him, but he avoided them with ease, seeing their current state he soon left taking the bandits insiege with him.

Upon checking stores, supplies, the order of the remaining men and where Drummond had holed himself I returned to my housing.
All is lost, I have contracted the disease even in spite of my efforts to quarantine myself from the other men.

My dearest Elizabeth, I died with God in my heart and a love for you that I held to my last breath.


Diary of Captain Winter

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