Diary of Sergeant Drummond

A small leather backed diary, with rough pencil notes on day to day goings on in the Fort Oublie


May 27th

A French couple have arrived to visit the Fort. Rather odd and no mistaking. Not altogether unpleasant though. The woman’s a right strumpet, the busty kind that’s all smiles, sending the men into a right two and eight. One a know I’ll have to knock out of them in the yard come morning.

May 28th

Woke up to the alarm call ringing out. Turns out during the night Lieutenant Dubois, the Frenchies and a quarter of the lads have gone French. Winter’s is unhappy to say the least, more so than bloody usual! Have had to work the men hard in extra duties to compensate.
To top it all we are now under siege from the local wogs. The bandits have surrounded us and I’m unsure what we’re going to do about it with the lack of riflemen.

May 29th

Siege continues, but the most blighted of illnesses has struck the Fort. It’s swept through the men like a dose from a cheap whore visiting for a week. Numbers of capable men have gone from bad to worse.

June 1st

Winters has snapped. The Captain is barking, he’s only gone and ordered me to get the lads to put the dead bodies of those fallen from the illness up on the wall to trick the bandits into thinking we still have decent numbers. They might be as uneducated as a group of east end orphans, but they ain’t that daft.

We’ve obeyed the order, but I noticed on Rifleman Smith that the blotches and marks have doubled over the evening after him lugging Bedain’s body up the wall.

June 2nd

Have now contracted the illness. I thought I might be immune, but looks like it’s finally got me when I found a red rash on the back of my leg. God preserve us.


Diary of Sergeant Drummond

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