Space 1889

George's Scrawlings. Entry 3 - Digger's Doom.
Do I look like a mole to you ?
So we find ourselves back in blighty. The Professor was a little crest fallen when we didn’t bring back the scroll, but he took it well bless his whiskers. He was a bit flumoxed when he heard about the frog couple, and them hoisting it though. Says he’ll look in to it.

A while later, we all gets the call and goes to see the Professor, who says there’s this inventor fella, Hollis Greenville, done made this contraption and is looking to sell it – to the highest bidder, seems like. Could we please go check it out, see if it’s up to scratch, so the Prof can buy it up for Queen and Country, before the krauts or somebody else does.

George's Scrawlings. Entry 2 - Into the Fort
There's many a good fiddle played on an old dune!

At the end of me last entry, we had just climbed the rope into the Fort, or three of us at least…

George's Scrawlings. Entry 1 - To Fort Oublie
The game's afoot !

So I gets a letter a while back. An invitation, from a professor no less. I’ve worked for a few people who’ve had some clout the last year or two, mostly yanks mind you, but that was a new one. Supose I’ve always been a curious type, so I thought I’d see what hair brained crap was afoot. There was always that offer I’d had to go with that safari expedition to Venus. The money was good, it sounds more appealing than Mars, but even if he was a friend of Mr. Barnston’s, the guy recruiting for it was not someone I’d care to work for. Couldn’t say why but he makes me suspicious, and I trust my gut. Although I might need my bumps feeling if I’m seeing someone by the name of Professor Bottom as a better bet eh ? Anyway after a bit of rest and a night dabbing it up with one of Abbess May’s judys, I go take up my invitation.

Lord Henry Forrester Report one

May 24 1889
I have met with a group of individuals at the explorers society.
George Cooper a common man with some talent in tracking and fire arms.
Theodore Montgomery an NCO in her majesty’s Royal Navy has some ability with ships both sea and flying.
Johnney U. Fargo a policeman of sorts with investigation and detection abilities.
Shamus a gentleman from the cartographers society.
We have been gathered together by Professor Albert Bottom of the explorers society to venture forth and explore, we have been asked to retrieve a stolen item so will be gathering our possessions and heading to a ship bound for Egypt where we shall travel to a fort Oublie just inside Libya.
I have high hopes for success as this appears to be nothing more than a simple pick up as we have been informed that the stolen object is in the fort.


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